Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day...

Happy Father's Day...

So I'm sure you noticed the new look for Hop River Ales? Too Myspace circa 2004?? It's in progress, expect some tweaks...

Not much going on brewing-wise this weekend. Was a busy weekend, worked second job Saturday morning, as usual, did much needed brakes front and back on the wife's car. Then Father's Day, nice family breakfast, got a few hours break from the kids (does that sound full terrible?) thanks to the in-laws, then full family get together for all the fathers... on the go go go (expect anything else?)...

Feeling crunched for time... actually a little stressed about getting nothing done on the brewing front. I have the ten gallon upgrade hanging over my head. No actual deadline on that, just excited to get it done... Need to get brewing, two batches due to be drinkable for vacation...  I have become the "official beverage sponsor" of the annual Casco Days Annual Casco Wiffle Ball Tournament... Really this is just the extended family getting together and choosing teams based on Red Sox / Yankees loyalties... just for fun, beer drinking, trash talking, slow pitching to the kids, do we keep score?? who cares? But anyway... I promised homebrew, and I have a little over a month to get two brews in. Also, was planning on kegging one batch and bottling the other. But, time constraints, idk if I can bottle condition in time. So... I might go big and keg both (I'm gonna need a lot of ice!) Kinda freaking out a little... I might need to do a double brew day... also, I have the Saison sitting in one of my two fermentors. So that would mean kegging or racking to secondary (transferring to a 5 gallon glass carboy (carboy is a big glass jug) to get the beer off the yeast cake) the Saison just to free up a fermentor. Or... I could buy another bucket. Also, if I'm bringing two kegs, I have to put together another picnic tap (I only have one!)

Enough stressing... on to the subject at hand. I got two nice beers for Father's Day. Fully enjoyed both, so I thought I could try and do a write up. Again, I am terrible at tasting. My palate is far from trained. I like everything and I am terrible at describing anything sensory. But here it is anyway.

 Dog Fish Head Red & White

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm kind of a DFH fanboy. I have tried most of their standard six and four pack releases and liked most (120minute is too much for me and I was not a fan of Festina Peche (like drinking regurgitated peach beer, so acidic)) But, I have been wanting to explore the limited releases (champagne bottle packaging) I love Midas Touch and, from the description, Red & White sounded similar. I drank this with lunch, outside in the shade on a glorious day. 

DFH description from label: Ale brewed with coriander & orange peel with Pinot noir juice added with 11% aged in Pinot noir barrels and 89% aged on oak barrel staves.

What I noticed...

Appearance: coppery red with a rosey tint, very unique color. poured with a thick, rich head that was decidedly pink in color. had lasting carbonation and good head retention.

Nose: malty, distinctly like a red ale, no detectable hop aroma. light, whispy, fruity, grape.

Body: thick mouthfeel without being syrupy, no high alcohol "hotness" this is a 10% abv beer but doesn't taste it...

Taste: malty red ale flavor, delicate grape, not overly sweet, slight oakiness but not overpowering (hate that in wines) I did not pick up the orange peel or coriander, but that's probs me...

Finish: very, very clean, almost no aftertaste at all. I thought it finished more like a wine than a beer.

Overall: very reminiscent of Midas Touch, but maltier, more body. I would put both in the same style, if there was a traditional style that they fit into... very drinkable and at 10%, the 26oz bottle is about as much as I can handle in one sitting.

Stone Ruination IPA

This beer is a total badass. This ain't your father's IPA...

An excerpt of the description from the label, 
"Stone Ruination IPA. So called because of the immediate ruinous effect on your palate. The moment after the first swallow, all other food and drink items suddenly become substantially more bland than they were just seconds before. By the time you develop a taste for this IPA, you may find that you are permanently  ruined from being able to enjoy lesser brews. Good. We freely admit to doing this. On purpose even! People are sometimes crazy enough to thank us for this assault. To which we reply 'You're welcome.'"

Tongue in cheek? maybe... but when you produce a 100+ IBU (International Bittering Units, 100 IBU is the theoretical limit that the human tongue can detect) for regular distribution, you earn the right to swagger a little...

Appearance: typical for an IPA, pale in color, white head, slight haze

Nose: Hops! what can I say, if you cram that much hops in a beer, there isn't that much else to smell especially when fresh. I do detect a little bit of biscuity malt rising through, but barely.

Body: on the thick side but not the thickest Imperial IPA I have had.

Taste: Hops! strongly bitter. you gotta really like hops to enjoy this. to equate to chili peppers, it isn't all heat (bitter) though, there is definite flavor in the hop profile. I wish I could discern the the type of hops, slightly citrusy, also piney?

Finish: dry, lasting bitterness.. I need a glass of water... not really a thirst quencher (why do I keep using that??? ugh)

Overall: badass.

Next week should be busy, I hope to be brewing and blogging a lot... Later.

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