Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick update on Saison and 60min IPA...

so... idk why, but I've been procrastinating brewing stuff lately. 

I had the Saison (which I'm super stoked about) sitting in the fermentor for 4+ weeks! I can't believe I waited so long to keg this, but I have a feeling this might be A+... all that extra time will help things settle and condition, also the yeast can chill and clean up after themselves.... when racking it was crystal clear, smells awesome, all tasting samples were great, I've been tempted to fill a glass or two of lat beer just to enjoy... but I didn't... I transferred to keg tonight and I set up to fast carbonate. I should be able to enjoy this Sunday-ish?? Idk if I can wait that long...

Also, the 60minute IPA has been in fermentor for... hold on let me check... almost 2 weeks? I took a gravity sample last night, 1.009... kinda low, like I predicted, but I think it will be fine. I'm pretty sure it's done bc it is already starting to drop clear. I added dry hops... I totally went over the top too... when you buy hops it's in whole ounce bags. I took all the leftovers from the partial ounces used in the boil and added them to the whole ounce of Amarillo that the recipe called for dryhop... I probs doubled the amount of dryhops that the recipe called for, but that's totally cool... It will just add more awesome citrus (Centennial FTW) hop aroma!

Also, also, I have an active starter sitting on my counter, totally ready for brewday this weekend. Belgian Witbier  2.1! I'll get into the changes to the recipe in my next post... That's it for tonight... Later.

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