Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BIPA Kegged

Tonight I'm drinking Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot...

Love this beer. New to the Bigfoot fanclub... First year I have tried it and I don't know if I'll be able to force myself to put any away for aging (totally won't). But I like the hops, and aging brings out the malt profile, so I'm told. I don't know... maybe I can convince myself to put one away (doubt it).

To continue Sunday's brewday coverage,  I tested and kegged the BIPA (Belgian IPA). BIPA had been dryhopping for a week. Last week the gravity tested at 1.011 down from 1.080. Was pretty sure it was done but I tested again to confirm. Really just wanted a sample to taste. Last week i accidentally froze the sample and then tasted it too cold so I didn't get a good idea of taste or aroma... 

This week, after dryhopping, the sample tested at 1.011 again and was very clear. sorry no pics... I was totally beat at that point and gave up taking them. So because the sample tested at the exact same gravity, that means the yeast have eaten everything they can and are done. This is especially critical to confirm if bottling. If you bottle before the yeast are done, you risk the dreaded bottle bombs... Yeast eating sugar produce CO2. In a closed vessel like a capped bottle, the pressure will build until something gives (probably the glass) and will explode with some force. If you confirm your final gravity it's safe, I never had a problem in my ten-ish batches that I bottled. But kegging is a little more forgiving with that.

The sample tasted great... the belgiany flavor was a little muted. I am wishing I had jacked up the temp a little during fermentation... but it's possible that as the hops fade a little with time, the belgian esters will come through a little more. Aroma was great and I think carbonation will really bring it out. 

So I kegged, set the CO2  to serving pressure, and put in the kegerator to chill. This is the really slow way to carbonate, but the extra time in fridge will help it clear all the way... so now I just have to force myself to leave it alone for 2 weeks. Will be so hard... Really excited about this beer.

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