Thursday, April 28, 2011

Most. Boring. Blog. Post.

Tonight still drinking BIPA... no surprises there.

Not a lot to write about tonight, just did a few little maintenance type things.

After work I stopped at the homebrew store for some hops to dryhop the SMaSHed Pils and pick up some sanitizer.

I decided to bottle a few BIPAs off the keg to share with friends at work and to bring a sample to the brew store for critique.

After sanitizing bottles and my home made beer gun (used to fill bottles and growlers from keg) I reduced the pressure on the keg, hooked up my beer gun, and filled a six pack of 16 oz Grolsch bottles. Grolsch is like a better Heineken (it's ok if you like that skunky dutch lager thing) but it comes in really cool flip top bottles that are great for home brew...

I tested the SMaSHed Pils again to confirm it was done. Hydrometer reading was 1.010 again so it is definitely done. I dryhopped. Two full ounces of Aurora hops, hoping to get big aroma.

Finally got around to cleaning the keg and tap that had the cider. Cider kicked like a week ago. Right after filling a nice champagne bottle for my inlaws.

That's it for tonight, nothing exciting. Just blogging to fill the void. Planning next batch. Was thinking of doing a beginner method extract batch to illustrate how easy it can be to get started. But now thinking, bc I would boil inside, I might wait for a time when the wife is def away for the day (she hates the smell...) idk, open for suggestion.

Also, please don't be afraid to comment people. ask questions if I don't explain something well enough, suggest topics... whatevs. One friend irl was asking about my kegerator, so I plan on profiling it soon... later all.

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