Monday, May 2, 2011

Go Big or Go Home! (10 gallon upgrade!!!!)

Here we go! Just saw this on the home brew forum pages... Also have $25 gift card that has been sitting in my wallet since X-mas... Tried bribing kids with Mickey D's to go shopping with me (like right now), but they weren't buying it. Dropping them off to do errands anyway this afternoon, I hope they don't sell out... (1 on hand in my local store, dibs if anyone in Manch area is reading)

I will be able to reuse most of the parts from my 5 gallon mash tun. That will just leave the brewpot upgrade. Plan is to convert an old keg, which I may have a lead on... and then need to fit my current brewpot and keggle (keg converted to kettle) with drain valves so I don't have to lift and pour 10+ gallons of water or beer...

Double batches with same amount of work!!! So much potential win...

In the mean time I can use 10 gallon mash tun with my current set up to make epic strong beers... Barleywine anyone?? Everybody loves Barleywine, amirite??

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