Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quick Self Review of Inefficient Witbier and Summer Cider

A little preview of the wit... tastes great (!) but needs a little more carbonation. Spices and orange are right out front but well balanced with each other. Pretty psyched about the color, idk if the pic does it justice, it could be just a shade paler but that's probs bc of the pound of extract I added... So I measured 1.040 before fermentation. I think this reading was a little shy of actual. I got poor efficiency (obv) and got 1.038. Then I added a pound of dry extract and another half gallon of water. My software isn't great (i.e. free) but I figure it should be more like 1.045(?) When adding extract it is really hard to mix well enough to get an accurate reading. If my software is right the abv should around 4.5% which is accurate to the style? This is a recipe that I think I will be working on for a while. But since it is one of my favs, I'm pretty determined.

Trying to carb this one up quick for the party, so I'm not really mathing it out, just winging it. After force carbing at 30psi for prox 48 hours as it chilled, I relieved pressure, turned the regulator down to 10psi (my normal serving pressure) and poured. I would like it a little more carbed and on the higher end of what I usually serve at. So.. I cranked up the serving pressure to 13psi and leaving it there. Because I have a single regulator setup (both kegs see the same pressure), this will also carb the cider a little but more. But that's ok, it's a cider!

Right! The cider...! Let me finish this beer then I'll pour a cider...

I heart cider... totally... Before I started brewing I hadn't tried a lot of ciders. CiderJack (geez, what was I 16?? I mean... nm) Woodchuck, Harpoon... I think that's it. But since I started brewing, I have done probably 5(?) cider batches.. it's so easy!

This cider is exactly what I wanted it to be. Not full autumn, very light and refreshing... perfect for a muggy New England summer night. Also at 7-8%-ish abv, it's got a little bit behind it. Still a little sweet, probably the sweetest cider I have made. Again I'm cranking up the carbonation on this too. I think the high carb will make it a little more crisp and that much more thirst quenching. Did I really just say thirst quenching?? lame...

Unfortunately a few of the raisin skins made it through the siphon... so embarrassing... In the future I think I'll try and contain the raisins in a hop bag or something... nbd.

Pretty happy with both of these, after they carb up a little more and things settle out a little more I'll be happy to serve them to company... I think. Anyway... that's it for tonight. later...

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